SOMAR Group's Environmental Policy

SOMAR takes its responsibility to ensure the preservation of our environment seriously. To maintain and better our global environment, SOMAR has devised its Environmental Policy.  

SOMAR Group is dedicated to actively enforce its Environmental Policy throughout the entire company, from the sales of circuit boards materials and food materials to adhesives and functional films, high-performance resin for electronic products, papermaking chemicals, food design & development, material procurement, production, and delivery.

1. SOMAR Group's Continuing Management in compliance with ISO-14001

  • Design, development, and sales of products conform to environmental protection requirements.
  • Reduction and recycling of industrial waste.
  • Chemical substance contamination prevention.
  • Energy consumption reduction.
  • Green procurement.

2. Compliance with all the above regulations applicable to the factory.

3. Working to continually improve the above rules by setting targets. 

4. Through education, training, and daily environmental activities, all SOMAR employees will be informed of SOMAR Group's Environmental Policy.