The Technology

As an innovation-driven, technology-oriented chemical manufacturer and trader, we can meet your product requirement through our R&D department, with all possible customizations. 

The below items are key in creating the best and newest items for the market.

1. Material design

  •  Molecular design and formulation technology

Based on the synthetic know-how cultivated over many years, SOMAR conducts and develops polymer designs centered on acryl and epoxy. This technology is applied to high-performance film products and insulating coatings.

2. Product design

The main product technologies of SOMAR are;

3. System process design

System design and process design to further enhance product applications are important elements to increase the value of products. SOMAR provides application technologies to meet the needs of our customers. We carry out research and development by independently designing electronic and electrical circuits, mechanical equipment, and systems. Development is always carried with the aim of optimizing productivity improvement.

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