The world is clamoring for more electric vehicles as the carbon footprint these vehicles create is significantly less than their traditional, combustion engine counterparts. The hybrid or plug-in electric vehicles are more energy efficient and are an important part in reducing the petrol. Nowadays, many major automotive companies are working to development and produce these automobiles. If you happen to be in need of assistance for your upcoming EV/HEV project, SOMAR has got you covered.

SOMAR has long been the number 1 producer of epoxy powder coating, and is high up on the list of epoxy liquid coating producers. These high-functioning epoxy coatings together make for the total solution for any HEV/EV motor. As a leader in the development in coatings for HEV/EV motor parts, SOMAR has solutions for invertors, batteries, busbars, amongst others.

Any product can be customized and adjusted to meet your specifications. New products are developed, so feel free to contact us to get information about the latest developments.

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